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    Which Parts of the Body Does a Trampoline Fitness Class Work?

    Bouncing on a trampoline is all the rage right now, and it’s not just because it’s loads of fun. Celebs and fitness conscious folks from all walks of life are taking up jumping their way to better health and slimmer bods by attending trampoline fitness classes or working with a personal trainer on a trampoline, all which begs the question, which parts of the body does a trampoline fitness class work?
    Your heart is a muscle and trampolining is great for your physical fitness. It’s a high intensity exercise, and lower impact than running or jogging. That’s true even if you’re just hopping around for fun. When you take an actual class, expect to really get your heart pumping!
    This one surprises some people, but your core muscles are engaged the whole time you’re jumping, to help maintain your balance and keep you up right while you deal with the bounces.
    Your glutes are definitely not being ignored while you jump! In addition to the big muscles that define your bum, you’ll also be working your hip muscles as well.
    Thighs and Calves
    This is where you’ll probably feel the most burn. Your calves, quads, and hamstrings will thank you! Plus, you’ll be helping your joints out. Unlike jump rope, aerobics, or jogging, which require pounding your feet against an unforgiving hard surface, you’ll be on a shock-absorbing trampoline. Trampolining can actually make your joints stronger, as it builds bone strength as well.
    Whole Body
    The truth is, there’s no part of your body that a trampoline fitness class can’t work. We’ve included the ones here that are simply unavoidable, but you can also add your arms, shoulders, and back to the list, because it’s not uncommon to incorporate them into fitness class routines on the trampoline. Some classes have you work with holding a large ball, for example, or even weights.
    Plus, trampolining is an absolute beast at calorie burning. Ten minutes of bouncing can equal up to 30 minutes of jogging, and you’ll probably feel you’ve exerted yourself less. Which means that every second you’re bouncing during a fitness class at your local trampoline park, you’re on your way to fat loss. And taking off those layers of flab means letting those muscles you’ve worked so hard for shine!