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    What to Bring to a Trampoline Park Slough

    If you’ve never been to trampoline park London before, what are you waiting for? You’ll have a fun-filled experience, whether you’re bringing the kids to a free jump session, or whether you’re taking up one of the fitness classes yourself.
    We’re often asked by new visitors to the trampoline park what kind of equipment (if any) they should bring with them, as well as the best type of clothing they should wear for a fitness class or free jump session. If you’re planning a visit to a trampoline park in the future, here’s what you should bring:
    We do recommend that you wear some athletic-style clothing for your session at JumpIn. You won’t get the best results bouncing around in restrictive or uncomfortable clothes! For girls, go for some leggings and a stretchy, long-sleeved top. Guys can go for tracksuit bottoms and a similar style of top. Make sure the clothing fits properly; bouncing up and down with tracksuit bottoms that are too big for you can soon result in your pants being around your ankles – how embarrassing!
    Remember not to wear any excessively loose clothing, and remove all accessories (scarves, headbands, etc) before you get on the trampoline.
    Jewellery and watches
    It’s common sense that you wouldn’t be allowed to wear jewellery or watches on our trampolines, but sometimes people simply forget they’re wearing them and get on anyway! If you’re heading to the trampoline park, try not to bring any jewellery full-stop – that way you won’t forget about it and end up endangering yourself and others on the trampolines.
    To ensure our trampolines are kept in great condition, and to keep all jumpers safe in the arena, we’ve made it a requirement for all visitors to wear JumpIn Grip Socks. You can purchase these when you arrive at the trampoline park UK, and they’re yours to keep forever! You can bring them with you whenever you return for another class and benefit from a discounted rate on your class. Just make sure you give them a good wash and keep the rubber grips in prime condition for jumping!
    Food and drinks
    For the safety of all of our guests, we don’t permit food or drinks purchased outside of JumpIn to be brought into the arena (unless, of course, it’s baby or toddler food). We do have a fantastic catering facility which offers a wide selection of health food and drinks that you can enjoy before or after your session. We cater to gluten-free and Halal diets too, so the vast majority of our members can find something to enjoy in our café. Put simply – don’t worry about bringing your own food, we’ve got plenty!
    Other tips
    Keep long hair tied back – the last thing you need is your hair falling into your eyes and being unable to see while you’re jumping! An accident could possibly ensue, and we don’t want that to happen. Also remember to empty your pockets, or you could find all of your spare change being catapulted across the arena as you jump – oops!