• Sam1

    Facts That Will Surprise You About High Energy Sports & Injury Risks

    So, you are thinking about visiting our trampoline park but you have some hesitations. You might have heard from a friend of a friend about this guy who took one jump and ended up in hospital with a broken leg and you’re really not sure if you can pull off a cast with your wardrobe.

    We understand that there are some misconceptions about the safety of jumping at trampoline parks when compared to other sports. The truth is that the risk of injury is similar for jumping at Jump In compared with other high-energy sports such as football and swimming.

    Jump In is also a member of the IATP (International Association of Trampoline Parks). This means that we listen to a team of experts that tell us all about the rigorous manufacturing and design criteria, monitoring courts, redundant netting, and most recent safety issues. They also check-ups on us to make sure that we really are doing everything we can to keep our bouncers safe. In fact, we got a pat on the back recently when the insurer that covers over 50 parks around the UK advised us that we are one of the safest trampoline parks in the country!

    However, you are also responsible for your own safety.  For example, our rules specify that only one person is allowed on a trampoline at a time. Why? Just think about what happens when you have a few too many kids on a garden trampoline or bouncy castle: dangerous collisions!  Before every jump, all bouncers are required to watch a short safety video.  You can follow this link to read up on all our safety features and procedures before you arrive: https://www.gojumpin.com/safety-waivers/safety/

    So that’s it; a little common sense, some well trained staff, top notch safety equipment and adherence of the rules and you are good to go. Happy jumping!

    N.B. If your mum is still not convinced tell her that ‘according to statistics I am over two hundred times more likely to be injured playing Rugby than at Jump In Slough’