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  • Summer pass Website Blog

    Book Your Summer Pass Here!

    {:slough}Grab your summer pass now, between 12th June - 3rd September you can get 5 jumps for just £35 (Usually £50) The best bit is.... You can choose how to use it, whether it's a present for one person or use for the family. Click Here To Buy Now! This offer is not valid at our Enfield ...

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  • Free-Slushies-blog

    The best parties in town!

    Jump In offers the best part in town! We provide everything you need to make the party of the year....and we even do the clearing up! Jump, eat, drink and have everything taken care of. Book & hold your party in July or August 2017 and each guest receives a FREE slushie with their food...

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  • IMG_0896

    What do your kids do after school?

    What do your kids do after school? After a long day of sitting still and focusing their brain power on working out maths problems and learning how to master their handwriting, it is important for kids to relax their minds and get active. Your children probably won’t get very much physical exerc...

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  • After School Website

    Jump & Eat After School Deal!

    {:home}This offer is ideal for parents with hungry school children! Bring your children down after school (3:30pm - 5:30pm) for a bounce followed by some pizza for just £8.95. Term time offer only.{:}{:slough}If you’ve got hungry kids who still have tons of energy left, our Jump & Eat deal is per...

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  • IMG_0502

    How to help your kids sleep better

    How to help your kids sleep better Most parents can probably relate to the difficulties of trying to get your kids to go to sleep when bed time comes around. The struggle often results in long arguments and a lot of frustration, and you’re left wondering how they still have so much energy so la...

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  • fitness

    Which Parts of the Body Does a Trampoline Fitness Class Work?

    Bouncing on a trampoline is all the rage right now, and it’s not just because it’s loads of fun. Celebs and fitness conscious folks from all walks of life are taking up jumping their way to better health and slimmer bods by attending trampoline fitness classes or working with a personal trainer ...

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