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    The Benefits of Trampolining

    Here at JumpIn, we host a multitude of fitness classes Slough to help our visitors meet their weight loss and fitness goals – from strength training to cardio sessions. But just how effective are these trampoline-based sessions, and what are the health benefits of trampolining over, say, running on the treadmill or lifting weights? Let’s take a look…
    It’s low impact
    When you’re trampolining, the pad of the trampoline absorbs about 80% of the shock from the rebound, which reduces the risk of injury to knees, ankles and your other joints. Sports and other forms of exercise that take place on solid group, like running, tennis or basketball, can be tough on the joints, especially if you’re not wearing the appropriate footwear.
    Stress relief
    We challenge any stressed-out individual to spend half an hour on one of our trampolines at our trampoline park Slough and see how much their wellbeing is improved afterwards. Exercise increases the number of endorphins released into our bodies, which can help to tackle the onset of depression, anxiety and stress. Trampolining in particular actually helps the body to relax (it doesn’t work if you’re tensed up!) and it can boost your circulation and even promote better sleeping patterns – great news for insomniacs everywhere!
    Toning up
    Trampolining can really help improve muscle tone, for those that want to achieve a leaner look. While you’re jumping, you’ll be pulling your core muscles into gear and keeping them engaged throughout, which can lead to a tauter stomach and a stronger lower back (also great for those that suffer with back pain). Who doesn’t want a toned and flat stomach? You’ll reduce your body fat percentage, increase your body’s suppleness, and boost your whole body strength too.
    A cardio workout
    There aren’t many workouts that combine cardio and resistance training so effectively – and trampolining is one of the most effective hybrid workouts there is! Research carried out by NASA has discovered that just ten minutes bouncing on a trampoline is the equivalent of more than half an hour of running when it comes to heart rate levels and oxygen consumption. But any fitness fan knows that you won’t tone up from cardio alone – and trampolining is one of the few activities to offer cardiovascular benefits as well as toning effects.
    Accompanied by experts
    At our fitness classes, you’ll always be under the guidance and tuition of qualified experts – which reduces the risk of injury while you’re exercising. Our team will help show you the correct technique while you’re bouncing – and unless you’re splashing out on a personal trainer, you won’t get that kind of expertise down at the gym!
    So there we have it – the many, many health benefits of trampolining. Whether you’re actively trying to lose weight, whether you simply want to tone up, or whether you’re seeking to inject some fun into your existing fitness regime, our classes are a really effective way to enhance your health, shed pounds and shrug off the stresses of your daily life.