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    The Benefits of Toddler Trampolining

    At Jump In, we run weekly toddler classes with music, inflatables and plenty of fun and games for children up to school age. But did you know that trampolining for toddlers can actually have a multitude of benefits besides the pure fun and enjoyment it offers? Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons why you should get your toddlers jumping!

    Disguised exercise
    Trampolining is one of those devilish activities that can help you stay fit without you even realising! In a world where children are increasingly attached to smartphones and tablets, playing games and watching cartoons, it’s great to offer them fun physical activities that will get them moving without compromising on fun.

    Helps develop motor skills
    When children are bouncing around on trampolines, they’re forcing both sides of their brains to work together to ensure they retain their balance and remain coordinated. This helps them increase their motor skills overall – so taking them trampolining once or twice a week at a trampoline park could end up improving their athletic ability and hand-eye coordination.

    Better posture
    Children develop a unique awareness of their centre of gravity when they’re learning to jump properly on a trampoline. This helps enhance their balancing skills, but can also encourage better posture. Children will learn to keep their chin up, not hunch their shoulders and keep their core engaged without even realising that they’ve learned this great skill.

    Enhanced self-esteem
    Trampolining is a great alternative for children that shy away from competitive team sports. It gives them an outlet and allows them to feel that buzz of achievement, without the tough competitive nature of other sporting activities. As the little one learns new skills and masters the technique of jumping on the trampoline, they’ll gain confidence in themselves and their abilities, which can improve their self-esteem. This then carries over into other activities, from their daily schoolwork to their interactions with friends.

    The importance of safety
    Children learning how to jump correctly on the trampoline must also learn how to fall and roll safely – increasing their comprehension of safety guidelines and the idea of risk.

    Social skills
    Toddler trampolining gives younger children the important opportunity to interact with others around their age. If they’re not yet at nursery, these sessions can offer valuable chances to build communication skills and hone their abilities, as they get to know other children around their age. Children will also learn to take direction from the teacher or instructor, which will stand them in good stead for when they do eventually head to nursery or school.

    Aids digestion
    Did you know that trampolining can aid digestion? Many parents go through phases with their child, where they’re fussy with food or simply won’t eat. An activity like trampolining can help children generate healthier appetites, encouraging them to adopt more appropriate eating patterns.

    For more information about our toddler classes, which take place weekly, visit our Toddler Classes page on our website. We hope to see you and your little one at a session very soon!