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    Surprising Health Benefits of Trampoline Jumping

    It’s well known that working out regularly can help you maintain good health and overall body fitness. However, who has time to go to the gym? Furthermore, many people find that gyms can be boring and intimidating. There’s a better way of getting a great workout alongside your kids, family and friends: trampoline jumping! While trampoline jumping is known to be great fun, many people aren’t aware of the many health benefits, such as:

    Stronger Bones –Regular jumping at a trampoline park puts the bones under repeated slight stress; helping the bones improve mineral content and joint strength. Each landing is approximately twice the force of gravity, which will strengthen your bones and helps prevent brittle bone disease.

    Improved Mental Health – Jumping at a trampoline park on a regular basis helps improve the flow of oxygen to both your body and brain, helping you to feel more alert. This will help your concentration, enhance your overall mental health and give you a better mood.

    Better Co-ordination & Functionality – When jumping, your body does must balance and maintain coordination between the different body parts. By exercising at a trampoline park regularly, you will be able to give your body a way in which in can practice harmony and synchronisation among all your body parts leading to better coordination amongst them. It will also allow you to exercise many muscles and functions which you are not able to during most normal activities.

    Calorie Burning – Did you know that trampoline jumping burns more calories than running? By jumping regularly, you will be able to burn calories as well as increase your metabolism which will lead to overall better health and prevent obesity.

    Heart Health – Trampoline jumping increases the overall blood flow in your body, meaning that your heart will pump blood more easily and efficiently throughout the entire body. Regular jumping can enhance your heart health and help prevent many heart related issues.

    What’s more, no matter your current fitness level or age, you can enjoy trampoline jumping. Beginners may start with gentle jumping for shorter periods of time and still enjoy all of these health benefits. Jump In’s trampoline park is equipped with air conditioning, so that you can jump in comfort and safety.