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Trampoline Parks across the country...

Jump In owns and operates a network of Trampoline Parks across the country... and more are coming soon!

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Where it all started....

A jumpin’ story from the get-go. This business was conceived when our co-founders Vernon and Linsey visited a local trampoline park with their kids. Vernon loved it so much that he wanted to turn his passion into a going concern. With a lot of research and a great deal of focus, Vernon found that the whole business proposition had legs. Along with business partner Gavin, and Linsey, they set out on the journey to acquire their first site..

And Jump In was born.

Ever noticed how people are happier when they’re jumping up and down?

Whether it’s toddlers jumping in puddles, kids pillow-fighting, teens pogoing at a live rock concert or adults celebrating that moment of success. We are all about creating happiness for everyone who visits our parks, small kids and big kids included.

That includes designing and building an interactive environment that’s full of life and energy.
And doing all we can to project our positive enthusiasm and spontaneity onto that environment. We are literally in the business of getting people jumping for joy.

The fastest growing trampoline park operator in the UK...

Harrogate –opening 2019

Watch this space for more new openings....

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