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Rebound Therapy at Jump In Enfield

JUMP IN trampoline park in Enfield runs Rebound Therapy classes aimed at children and adults with autism or heightened sensory needs.

JUMP IN trampoline park in Enfield runs Rebound Therapy classes aimed at children and adults with autism or heightened sensory needs.

The trampoline therapy forms part of inclusive relaxed sessions where those with special needs are encouraged to explore unassisted play with their families and carers in a safe, lower sensory environment. Trampolines are key to this specific type of exercise therapy which benefits those across virtually the whole spectrum of disabilities. It has been proven to provide a huge number of potential therapeutic and physiological benefits, from cardio-respiratory, muscle tone and balance and posture through to perception and communication. Benefits that are more specific to autism include: improvements in calmness, focus, concentration, eye contact, memory, following instructions, motivation, self-esteem, confidence, potential for learning across the curriculum, and happiness. Other benefits are: reduction in tactile defensiveness, anxiety, agitation, shimming, rocking, self-harming, hitting, and anti-social behaviours. Jump In Rebound Therapy-qualified instructors are on hand to work either one to one or in groups after a full assessment of needs is carried out. Joe Upstone, Regional Manager for Jump In Enfield, said: “Freedom to play and move unaided is often something that children and adults with special needs can be restricted on when participating in many physical activities. Trampoline parks can go some way towards offering more scope for unassisted play. “Trampolines at our parks offer great physio benefits for those with low muscle tone who need to maintain/build their core strength. This is because trampolines encourage the participant to constantly correct their balance when jumping and landing, this also helps with co-ordination which has been linked to learning and neurological development. “Special needs schools and day centres have reported on how the trampoline has great benefits for autistic children and adults with heightened sensory needs. Bouncing on the trampoline can be very a very stimulating piece of play equipment for these individuals.” Paul Kaye, CEO of (international body and training course provider for Rebound Therapy) said: “I am delighted to see so many trampoline parks introducing Rebound Therapy into their programme. By providing Rebound Therapy, trampoline venues are able to provide a much-needed ‘fully inclusive’ service by offering sessions to learning disability care homes, special needs groups, schools and charity agencies and health groups.” To find out more or book an assessment for the Rebound Therapy-specific session, with a qualified Jump In Level 2 Rebound Therapy practitioner. Please drop us an email at [email protected] with your contact details. Our area expert will be in touch with lots more information. Further information on Rebound Therapy can be found here:


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