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How to Jump Safely In Your Garden

How to Jump Safely on your Garden Trampoline

Jump Around This Summer

At Jump In Shrewsbury, we know when you visit us for a trampoline session you’ll be in the safest of hands.
But we also know lots of families have trampolines in their gardens that they’ll be starting to use now it’s summer.
And of course we want you to be as safe at home as you are with us - so we’ve put together ten of our top tips for ensuring you stay safe while bouncing.
1. Give the trampoline a once-over: if you’re just taking the cover off your trampoline after the winter then make sure all of the springs are in place and the bolts are tightened (and replace any broken springs/tighten loose bolts) before the children get on it for the first time.
2. Buy safety pads: if your trampoline didn’t come with a safety pad to cover the springs (or it’s worn out) then make sure you buy a good quality one. Accidentally landing on the springs rather than the mat is definitely something to be avoided.
3. Clear some space: it sounds obvious but we hear all the time about children bouncing off their trampoline and ending up hurting themselves on trees or other obstacles nearby. Ideally you want your trampoline to be as far away from everything else in your garden as possible.
4. Netting: An even better option than moving it away from obstacles is having a netting up around your trampoline - it means little ones can’t misjudge their bounce and end up on the floor or on the springs. A lot of trampolines come with netting so it’s worth considering all your options if you’re looking to buy.
5. No somersaults: we know kids will want to copy others so if they’ve seen people doing flips and somersaults then they’ll be keen to try the moves themselves. However, misjudging the flip and ending up landing on their neck or head is a real possibility. So encouraging them to only land on their feet, knees or bottom is the best way to avoid a trip to hospital.
6. No alcohol: now this is clearly not a tip for the children, but you wouldn’t believe the amount of adults who end up injuring themselves when they get on the trampoline after drinking too much. Now we all know trampolining can be a lot of fun no matter what age you are, but combining a few too many drinks and a trampoline is a sure fire way to end up in A&E!
7. Don’t bounce off: while bouncing off the trampoline might seem like a lot of fun, it’s clearly very dangerous. Children should be warned of the likelihood of injury if they bounce off and taught to use the appropriate ladders (or ask for adult help) when they’re getting on and off the trampoline.
8. Learn the skills: if you’ve just bought a trampoline and it’s not an activity they’ve done before, then it’s worth going to a trampoline park (like Jump In) to learn the basics under the supervision of trained staff before they try it out by themselves.
9. Check what they’re wearing: if anyone’s going on your trampoline then they need to have empty pockets, no chunky jewellery and ideally no drawstrings on their clothes which could get caught.
10. Use common sense: this should be an obvious point but ensure you use your common sense at all times, keep a close eye on any youngsters on the trampoline and make sure you’re not cramming a dozen children on at the same time!

If you need any more safety advice then do feel free to ask one of our trained staff - and you can also sign up to our series of safety courses run by British Gymnastics performance analyst Tia Davison!


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