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Get Fit at Jump In Enfield

Get Fit at Jump In Enfield

Enfield's Getting Jumpin' Fit

We have launched a brand new fitness timetable at Jump In Enfield with 6 new classes to choose from to suit every level of fitness. Aero-Circuit, Power Pilates, Jump Fit, Pure Chill, Bounce Box, Body Balance. Get fit, chill out, bounce back from baby - we have a class that's guaranteed to get you where you want to be. Scroll down to view class details and book. AERO-Circuit Mondays 8-9pm High intensity equipment-based circuit session where you will tone, sculpt and challenge all aspects of your fitness. 80% less impact on joints. Suitable for all fitness levels Power Pilates Tuesday 12:30-1.30pm Power Pilates is a concept class that transfers traditional Pilates from the ground on to the Trampoline (without the bounce), challenging your workout further. Not only will it address issues relating to posture and encourage balanced muscular strength on both sides of your body, it will also improve flexibility, increase muscle strength and tone, and pay particular attention to abdominal muscles, lower back, hips and buttocks. Jump Fit Tuesday 7pm-8pm Jump Fit is a fun and unique high intensity, low impact trampoline workout suitable for all levels of fitness. Three times more effective than jogging whilst reducing the impact on joints by 80%. It will have your heart pumping like never before. Pure Chill Wednesday 8pm-9pm A concept exercise method (without the bounce) dedicated to improving physical and mental health after a long day. In this class we will make time to relax, offload and destress in a safe, secure and comfortable environment with mood enhancing lighting and music that will let the mind drift. By facilitating this class on the Trampolines, we will be able to focus on building core strength and improve your flexibility using a series of low repetition, low impact stretching, and conditioning exercises. Especially good for those returning from injury, pregnancy or who cannot perform weight-bearing exercises! Bounce Box Thursday 7pm-8pm Bounce Box utilises the traditional combat and fitness training of Boxing to increase and build core body strength, agility, speed and coordination in a fun and fast-paced high intensity cardio environment. Bounce Box generates results and focuses on boosting your overall fitness, building lean muscle and improving self-esteem in the ultimate trampoline workout experience. Suitable for all fitness levels. Body Balance Friday 12:30-1.30pm (Mezzanine) The ultimate stretch & tone class incorporating Vinyasa Yoga. We will not be bouncing in this session folks and instead will be facilitating this class in the Mezzanine area upstairs. Please bring a mat. Suitable for all fitness levels including pre-& post-natal.


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