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AN end to the school holidays doesn’t have to mean an end to the fun as Jump In Trampoline Park in Aberdeen has you covered.

In fact there’s no better time to check out what one of the region’s best family attractions has to offer with fun-packed value-for-money deals to keep the kids active throughout – and beyond - the autumn term. After a day in the classroom, what better way to let off some steam than a visit to Jump In Aberdeen. Their fantastic After School Deal offers a whole hour of jumping after 4pm Monday to Thursday every week during term time. And there’s even the chance to satisfy those after-school munchies with a slice of pizza washed down with water or squash, also offered as part of the session. It doesn’t have to mean sacrificing those important homework deadlines either as there’s plenty of areas in which to take time out and hit the books for a while. A spokesperson for Jump In Aberdeen said: “After a few hours in the classroom what better way to end the school day than jumping around our trampoline park and taking advantage of our fantastic Jump In After School Deal. “Jumping improves core strength, cardiovascular fitness and cognitive development in children – and is perfect for an after-school play date!” If your youngsters are craving more of a party vibe, they can’t go far wrong with Jump In’s Friday Night Takeover events. The fun-packed party nights are the perfect way to end a busy school week for any child aged four and over. The lights are dimmed and the speakers cranked up as a dedicated DJ for the night takes music requests and creates a buzzing party atmosphere - the perfect tempo to really get Aberdeen jumping. There will certainly plenty of showboating as youngsters compete to throw the best shapes - both on and off the trampolines! A spokesperson for Jump In Aberdeen said: “Trampoline party nights are the perfect way to end the school week and start the weekend, so come on down and show us your best moves. “They’ll love having the chance to be independent too because, if they are 12 years and over, there is no need to bring a grown up, they just need to sign a waiver and then head off to Party Central and dance - and jump - the night away.” If your party animals don’t want the fun to end – and why would they – look out for news of the Great British Sleepoverscoming very soon to Jump In Aberdeen. For those who take their jumping a little more seriously, Jump In Aberdeen also hosts Jump In Juniors trampoline classes with a trained coach. Coaching classes for 3-5 years run every Tuesday and Thursday 1.30pm-2.30pm; for 5-7 year-olds every Tuesday between 4.30-5.30pm and for 8-13-year-olds every Monday between 5.30-6.30pm. All sessions cost £6. And no one is excluded with the introduction of a weekly after-school Relaxed Jumping Session for children and adults with special needs. Between 6-7pm every Tuesday Jump In Trampoline Park in Aberdeen will be adapted to the needs and comfort of its visitors as soft lighting and soothing music provide a safe and friendly sensory space in which to play. These sessions cost just £7 with carers jumping for free. Relaxed jumping sessions can also be arranged between term time for organised groups. Contact: [email protected] or [email protected] Further details of all these sessions are available at:


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