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    Get Fit in 2016 with Exercise Classes at JumpIn!

    2016 is approaching fast, and many people will be using the beginning of a New Year to kick off a new get-fit regime, with healthy eating plans and a new commitment to regular exercise. Losing weight and improving fitness levels is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions, and we know thousands of people all over the country will be trying their hardest to stick to them!
    At JumpIn, we offer a multitude of fitness classes specifically designed to burn calories and build strength – all while having bundles of fun. Our ‘Wild Jump’ sessions at our trampoline park Slough have been developed to target many different areas of fitness, whether you’re trying to increase your stamina, build muscle or simply shed a few pounds. Here’s a little more about each of the fitness classes:
    Wild Jump
    On the basic Wild Jump programme, you’ll carry out sets of certain exercise to increase your aerobic output and burn fat, while also improving your muscle tone for that lean and athletic look. Your metabolism will go through the roof, and you’ll experience a full-body workout that’s going to help you achieve your fitness goals in 2016, whether that’s shedding the pounds, dropping a dress size or just building on your existing fitness.
    Wild Jump Strength
    As well as using the trampolines to burn calories and blast fat, you’ll use Titan bags in these sessions, which really help to shape the body and target those problem areas. If you want to get rid of your ‘bingo wings’ or tone up your thighs in 2016, these strength sessions will help you focus on certain areas, while also giving the rest of the body a full workout.
    Wild Jump Cardio
    By combining trampoline conditions and RMT club training, we’ve developed the sweatiest, most effective fat-burning fitness class you’ll ever attend – don’t say you weren’t warned! You’ll get your heart-rate up with cardio exercises on the trampolines, and you’ll move away from the trampolines to work with simple pieces of fitness equipment which provide variety in your training and prevent you from getting bored. One of the big reasons why many people abandon their resolutions is through sheer boredom, so if you feel your workout regime is getting stale, why not book into one of these classes to spice things up a bit?
    So there you have it – our indoor trampoline park London exercise programme, perfect for those who want to smash their fitness goals in 2016. We’ll be running these classes throughout the Christmas season (except on Christmas Day itself), and they’re priced at £8.00 per session.
    Alternatively, if you’re the kind of person that can see yourself giving up on your resolution after a few days, you can pre-book ten sessions in advance for just £60.00. With the lessons paid for upfront, you’ll be less likely to skip them for a night in with a takeaway! Good luck to all those hoping to develop their fitness and lose weight in the New Year!