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See why our Trampoline Fitness Class has taken the nation by storm.

Jump yourself Fit - whilst having fun!

In the Jump In Trampoline Fitness Class the act of jumping lifts our hearts and it's no surprise that people are happier when they're jumping up and down - it reignites the child inside all of us.

Classes are currently running at Camberley, Aberdeen, Edinburgh & Enfield.

Our jumping fitness trampoline classes are a real hit at our parks and is proving a popular alternative to pounding the pavements on these cold, dark days and nights.  Every class is a perfect trampoline workout for beginners.  Read on to find out the unique benefit of a trampoline fitness class.

Vitality is in our DNA at Jump In and we're loving how many of you are enjoying both the physical and psychological benefits of jumping, including:

It’s great for your heart - like any aerobic exercise, jumping gets your heart to increase the rate at which it pumps blood around your body. It also strengthens the muscles needed for a healthy cardiovascular system.

Jumping gives the same benefits as jogging in a third of the time - Nasa (yes, Nasa!) studies show that jumping on a trampoline for 10 minutes is equivalent to a 30-minute run.  It's can also be trampoline dance fitness too!

It’s easy on your joints - trampolining is a low-impact exercise, because the bouncy mat absorbs the force when you land, preventing jarring of your ankles, knees, hips and spine. It’s easier on your joints than running or jogging.

It helps you build strong bones - repetitive jumping puts your bones under a small amount of stress, which is needed to encourage them to build up mineral content. This increases the density of your bones and reduces your chance of developing conditions such as osteoporosis. It's a big thumbs upo for adult trampoline classes.

It builds strong muscles - jumping strengthens the muscles in your legs, as they work hard to push you upwards. With repetitive jumping, your muscles have to contract more often than they do with most other exercises, which increases their stamina.  Build your trampoline muscles!

It helps with co-ordination - you need to concentrate to maintain balance, achieve different positions, jump high and prepare for the next position – all at once. Practising this improves motor skills and helps with co-ordination.

It’s good for relieving stress and boosting your mood - trampolining releases endorphins, the feel-good brain chemicals. These can help to reduce stress and ease anxiety and depression. It’s fun and can leave you feeling invigorated.

It helps to tone your body - trampolining uses a variety of muscles, including your legs and stomach, because you use your core muscles to stay balanced. Bouncing on a trampoline on a regular basis can help to keep your stomach and bottom toned.

It can assist you in losing weight - jumping on a trampoline burns calories. It can also boost the rate at which your body metabolises food, which will help it to burn fat.

It helps your lymphatic system to do its job - the lymph system, which carries toxic substances out of your body, needs gravity and body movement to work properly. Bouncing on a trampoline stimulates the lymphatic drainage system to get rid of toxins, bacteria and waste from your cells, effectively cleansing them.

It improves energy levels - more oxygen flows around your body when you bounce on a trampoline and this can result in a rise in energy levels. Meanwhile, getting extra oxygen to your brain can improve mental alertness.

Need we say more! Why not sign up for a class this week at Jump In?

If you are looking for Kids trampoline classes, we currently run these at Jump In Aberdeen.  Click to find out more.

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