Relaxed Sessions

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Relaxed Sessions trampoline activities for additional needs are perfect for people of all ages and their families to enjoy. Now includes Rebound Therapy.

Trampoline activities for additional needs

Our Relaxed sensory sessions, ideal for SEN children, include soft lighting and soothing or no music for a relaxed, safe & friendly sensory space to play. Sensory play can help your children to feel relaxed and happy in a secure environment. You can’t underestimate the importance of sensory play for infants, toddlers and kids.

Please note these sessions are for children and adults who need a quieter environment to enjoy BUT we do welcome siblings to ensure families can trampoline and play together.  We will always reduce the maximum attendance on these sessions.  If you require some quiet chill out space, please do let us know.
We work with local experts to ensure these sessions are delivered to meet the needs of all our jumpers.
We understand that children and adults with additional needs have a host of personal needs BUT we also know they love to jump up and down.  The feeling of weightlessness can really trigger moments of joy! is the best exercise in disguise, for carers too!  We offer 1 free carer slot per trampoline participant.
We know sensory play is also important and try to add touches to our sessions to develop this.  We welcome more ideas.

Our soft play frames also have sensory elements for younger guests.  Click to find out more.
Work with us to create the perfect sessions. If you are an organisation, an individual or a carer please get in touch to let us know your thoughts on how we can make these relaxed sessions the perfect trampoline activities for children and adults with additional needs. Email us at [email protected]

REBOUND THERAPY is one of the most popular trampoline activities for kids with additional needs in UK Special Educational schools, groups and care facilities. It is also a very popular activity for people with disabilities of virtually all kinds and for all ages. We have onsite trained instructors to offer sessions. For more information & video please visit the Rebound Therapy website to find out more...Click Here

We have many great case studies on how Rebound Therapy has helped numerous children around the UK.  Daniel in Aberdeen can tell us more   See him in action

To find out more  please email us at [email protected] with your contact details & location and our regional expert will be in touch

Aberdeen- Tuesday 5:30-6:30pm
Edinburgh- Wednesday 5-7pm
Elstree- Tuesday 6-7pm & Sunday 9-10am. 
Enfield- Wednesday 5-6pm & Sunday 9-10am
Shrewsbury- Sunday 9-10am
Slough- Tuesday 6-7pm & Sunday 9-10am
Warwick- Wednesday 6-7pm & Sunday 9-10am

Any changes to the above will be notified on the sites Facebook pages.  We always aim to minimise any disruption for this jumpin’ group. Please go by online bookings if there appears to be a discrepancy with the listed time above.

We also welcome groups and schools with additional needs.  We can tailor packages to suit all group sizes and needs. We want our indoor playground to be for everyone so please do email or call and we will work out the perfect package for you.  

And don't forget those all important birthday parties.  Drop us a line for the best package for you. Or Click to find out more about our general children's birthday parties.

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Book your trampoline, soft play, climbing session, birthday party or Christmas gift card here!

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