Rebound Therapy

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Rebound Therapy - Trampoline Therapy for children and adults with heightened sensory needs

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Why is trampolining at a Jump In park so beneficial?
Freedom to play and move unaided is often something that children and adults with special needs can be restricted on when participating in many physical activities. Trampoline parks can go some way towards offering more scope for unassisted play.

Trampolines at our parks offer great physio benefits for those with low muscle tone who need to maintain/build their core strength. This is because trampolines encourage the participant to constantly correct their balance when jumping and landing, this also helps with co-ordination which has been linked to learning and neurological development. This is also true on a subtler basis, for those sitting on the bounce mat as the body needs to gently work at keeping balanced therefore encouraging muscle tone and strength.

Special need schools and day centres have reported on how this trampoline has great benefits for autistic children and adults with heightened sensory needs. Bouncing on the trampoline can be very a very stimulating piece of play equipment for these individuals.

Also, from a sensory perspective our accessible parks have wonderful benefits for those with extreme limited movement as sitting or lying on the trampoline can still produce movement akin to a floating sensation. It can also be used as a safe play surface as those with severe limited movement can lie down and create some form of movement, however slight.
Rebound Therapy sessions from £15. Small groups can be accommodated during the longer sessions.  We offer a full assessment of needs prior to joining us

Exclusive sessions within the park available Monday-Thursday 12-2pm

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