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Fitness Classes

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Wild Jump fitness classes have been specifically designed for fun while torching calories and building strength. Since we have air conditioning, you will be comfortable throughout your workout. Our cafe is stocked with healthy pre and post-workout snacks to keep your energy levels high- you’ll need it! Minimum age to take part is 16.

Wild Jump – Pure trampoline fitness

The Wild Jump programs involve sets to increase aerobic output and burn fat while keeping the muscles under tension for long periods to improve muscle tone. We use big movements to get the whole body working and get metabolisms going through the roof. All of that makes the Wild Jump program one of the best ways to create lean, athletic body shapes.

Wild Jump Cardio – Trampoline fitness and RMT club exercise

This is a combination of our trampoline conditioning and RMT club training. Combining these systems will create one of the sweatiest fat burning classes you have ever done and you will have more fun than you ever imagined getting fit. The RMT clubs are a simple and light weight piece of fitness equipment that offer great variety in training and allows us to program some really fun and exciting routines

You can jump… or you can Wild Jump!

Wild Jump Strength – Trampoline fitness and Titan Bag exercise

By moving from jumping on the trampolines to strength drills and then using the Titan bags, for whole body functional movements the Wild Jump Strength class will really hit every muscle group and help shape your body while burning fat at the same time. Get strong, get toned, and have fun while you do it!