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    Flippin Fun Tumble Track Classes

    Folks are flippin out for our new tumble track classes! Chris who attended recently said, "I've wanted to learn how to do a backflip for years, and in two hours last night I nailed it!" He added, "I can't wait to go back, this time with a go-pro so I can prove it to my mates!" This isn't your typ...

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    Which Parts of the Body Does a Trampoline Fitness Class Work?

    Bouncing on a trampoline is all the rage right now, and it’s not just because it’s loads of fun. Celebs and fitness conscious folks from all walks of life are taking up jumping their way to better health and slimmer bods by attending trampoline fitness classes or working with a personal trainer ...

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    The Health Benefits of Trampoline Workouts

    If you spent any portion of your childhood bouncing on a trampoline, you know just how fun it is. (And if you didn’t, well, you’re still missing out!) But what you probably don’t know is that bouncing on a trampoline can be a lot more than just fun—it can be a great workout. So great, in fac...

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    The Benefits of Toddler Trampolining

    At Jump In, we run weekly toddler classes with music, inflatables and plenty of fun and games for children up to school age. But did you know that trampolining for toddlers can actually have a multitude of benefits besides the pure fun and enjoyment it offers? Let’s take a look at some of the top ...

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    What to Bring to a Trampoline Park Slough

    If you’ve never been to trampoline park London before, what are you waiting for? You’ll have a fun-filled experience, whether you’re bringing the kids to a free jump session, or whether you’re taking up one of the fitness classes yourself. We’re often asked by new visitors to the trampoli...

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    Company & Group Bookings

    Are you interested in bringing a group to have fun or perhaps some team building?   Jump In is the perfect location.  Packages can tailored to suit your group an can include battle beam & slam dunk competitions, dodgeball tournaments, free jumps, instruction and food.  For more information or...

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